Key Topics in Landscape Ecology

Jianguo Wu  and  Richard Hobbs (Eds)

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.  Copyright 2007

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Landscape ecology is the science and art of studying and influencing the relationship between spatial pattern and ecological processes across different spatiotemporal scales and levels of biological organization.  This book presents a collective view of what the prevailing perspectives and key research topics are, and how they may coalesce to form an interdisciplinary scientific core.  Leading landscape ecologists provide in-depth reviews and syntheses of a series of key issues, including adequacy of landscape data, spatial pattern analysis, heterogeneity and ecosystem processes, metapopulations, scaling, landscape pattern optimization, land use change, and landscape conservation, management, planning, and design.  The book covers the fundamental theoretical and methodological issues as well as innovative applications of landscape ecology, reflecting the state-of-the-science of landscape ecology.  It should be of interest to a wide audience, including academic professionals and practitioners in ecology, environmental science, and landscape planning and design.

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